Roster Construction Question

My two best keepers this year are Kamara ((for a 10th round pick) and Derrick Henry (9th). My problem is that in my league we start 2 RBs, 3 WR and no flex. I have the 5th pick. The top 4 RBs and Brown are available to draft. I think that the top 4 RBs will be taken with picks 1-4 and I will have Brown drop to me. But, if Brown or Saquaan are taken in the top 4 picks and one of the top 4 RBs is available to me, should I take one of those (probably Zeke or DJ), or should I go with the top WR on the board (probably Hopkins or OBJ)?

I will only be able to start 2 RBs, so the third RB is only valuable on bye weeks and to keep away from opponents. Plus I would miss out on that tier 1 WR. An alternate keeper would be Tyreek Hill for a 5th.

If Brown is available at 5, I would go him for sure. I tend to lean towards Hopkins if Brown is gone. You have a decent RB combo to start. If somehow Bell or Gurley is there at 5, they are no brainer selections.

I’d say take the best available player at 5, even if it means taking a RB. For the format, AB would be the top player on my list, but if he goes before you, I’d not think twice about selecting Zeke/DJ/Bell/Gurley (whoever is there).

I like Henry, I’m higher on him than most, but I’d say securing two top 10 RBs would really give you an advantage over most teams. Not a bad problem to have, and best case scenario is all three are big point getters and you have trade bait come deadline time.

Id take Zeke, DJ and then Brown in that order.

Zeke or DJ would be your 2nd RB with kamara and henry would be their backups.

WR is so deep this year you are sure to find 3 startable receivers but stud RB’s are hard to come by.