Roster decision involving Rex

Hey guys, I’ve stashed Rex throughout his IR and now have to define if I want to keep him. Should I keep him in my bench and drop either Fitz, Sutton or Jimmy Graham?

1/2 PPR
QB = Rivers
WR = Odell, TY, DJ Moore, Fitz & Sutton
RB = CMac, Breida & Cook
TE = Njoku & Graham

Who would you drop, Rex, Fitz, Sutton or Graham?

Ideally I’d drop Rex and Graham because neither are very valuable (Rex is a handcuff to a guy you don’t have and Graham just isn’t producing). So, if there is someone good on waivers, I drop both for that guy. If not, keep Rex and drop Graham. I doubt you ever play him; but, you’re playing defense against the Michel owner and possibly dropping a landmine in the form of Graham.

Thanks for the reply. Actually its very possible I play the Michel owner in the first round of playoffs, so wouldn’t want to give him a handcuff option in case of a Michel injury this week. Think I’ll drop Graham and pickup Baker Mayfield (Rivers is at Baltimore in championship week) or Denver’s Defense for the playoff run.