Roster Dilemma - Standard League Please Help

Before I begin I will list my Roster.

QB- Phillip Rivers (bye week 8)
RB - James Conner (bye week 7)
RB - Payton Barber (bye week 5)
WR - Chris Hogan (bye week 11)
WR - Quincy Enuewa (bye week 11)
TE- Zack Ertz (bye week 9 )
FLEX- Kenny Golladay (bye week 6)
K - Jake Elliot (bye week 9)
Defense - Packers


RB - Leveaon Bell (getting a new team soon)
RB - Isaaih Crowell (bye week 11)
RB - Billow Pawell (bye week 11)
WR - Larry Fitzgerald (bye week 9)
WR - Doug Baldwin (bye week 7)
TE - Tray Burton (bye week 5)

For the next few weeks when it comes to bye weeks I’m set BUT when it comes to week 8 I have a problem. Phillip rivers is on bye week 8. I don’t have anyone from my bench that I’m willing to drop to stream a QB for just that week. So in order to solve this problem I need to package 2 players on a trade for 1 player. It will create a bench space for that QB. So I’m thinking of packaging Chris Hogan with Larry Fitzgerald. The question is, who should I target ? What wide receiver would be worth that value ?

I recently gave away Devonte Freeman for Zack Ertz and Isaiiah Crowell.

I won this week already, I will be 3-0 in 1st place.

I’d see if anyone needs a TE badly and try to upgrade at WR. Perhaps you offer Burton and Crowell/Powell for a WR like Tate or Woods/Cooks. And then just deal with the TE situation at week 9. You need WR help to make this a championship team.

I’d consider flipping Ertz, too, if the deal makes sense. Ertz + Crowell/Powell should yield someone like Julio or Evans.

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Since this is a standard league, I’m less needy when it comes to ditching Ertz.

I plan on keeping on Ertz because he has a reliable QB, with Tray Burton he doesn’t and I can see someone going for it. Ertz does have a injury history which is why Burton is there for insurance because streaming a TE is very difficult oppose to a WR.

Things can change really quickly in FF. You may not see anyone worth dropping today, but you will by week 7.

I would recommend just staying flexible in the short term. Week 8 is a long time away.


If a really good offer comes around for Tray Burton and Billaw Powell, I would take it. Otherwise I won’t rush on accepting a trade. I just want to be prepared for that week.