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Roster Dillema! Need some wisdom from the Footclan!


I just picked up Pryor off waivers for $18, but dropped my kicker because I wasn’t sure who to drop!

Now I’m scrabbling to open up a roster spot to pick up a kicker. I can either

  1. drop someone from my bench
  2. do a 2 for 1 trade

I’ve sent out offers, but none have worked. It seems with a 2 or 1 trade, I’ll end up having to overpay… Only to open up a roster spot for my kicker.

So, should I overpay (offer 2 of my players) for 1 WR/RB to open up a spot? Or should I just drop one of my players? If so, who?

8 team, half PPR, 3 WR slots

RBs: McCoy, Hunt, Gurley, Abdullah, Kelley, Mixon and Carson

WRs: Jordy, Demaryius, Kelvin B, Garcon, JJ Nelson and Pryor


If you think about it, you are not over paying. You are making the mandatory requirements needed to have a valid team. So in this way you can pay a valuable price, without it harming you. I would dump 2 rbs to upgrade at wr. mixon and McCoy could fetch a good price, problem is, In an 8 man mixon has virtually no value, UNLESS someone believes he will take over full time soon. No who to go for, that’s tough without knowing team compositions. Look for someone week at rb, and go from there.


Well the DJ owner was the ideal target, or so I thought. He also lost Woodhead and is currently starting Javorious Allen, Cohen with Gore and DJ on the bench.

He actually has some great WRs… Michael Thomas, Crabtree, Hopkins, Diggs, Marshall, Bryant and Parker. But every offer I’ve thrown is rejected, partially becauees he values them so high. But there’s no doubt he NEEDS RB help.