Roster Feedback - Pushed into 0 RB Strategy

Any feedback would be helpful, didn’t plan on going so WR heavy, but they way the draft fell I couldn’t justify the RB options with the WRs were still available.

Keeper: Thomas | R2: Jones: | R3: Evans | R4: Jones | R5: Woods | R6: Coleman

QB: Goff
RB: Aaron Jones, Tevin Coleman, Miles Sanders, Latavious Murray
WR: Michael Thomas, Julio Jones, Mike Evans, Robert Woods, Geronimo Allison, Curtis Samuel, Tyrell Williams
TE: Hunter Henry
D: Eagles

Since you are so strong at WR, you could always try to trade for a higher tier RB. Other than that, looks pretty solid.

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Yeah i agree with @Bucknut25 you’re pretty much solid as-is. Jones makes a fine 1, and i like juggling between Murray and Sanders at the 2. Sanders could potentially win the job outright and be a solid RB2 on his own, and if he doesn’t work out i’m sure Murray is going to slide very nicely into Ingrams role from a year ago and be a solid compliment to Kamara.

If you really wanted to upgrade, i think you could move Evans/Woods and get like a Mixon, Michel, Carson caliber player if you think you need it


Thank you.