Roster for Week 10

So currently my roster is
QB Fitzmagic
Rb Gurley
Flex Chubb

Bench: Cooper, A Jones, Michel and other players that I wont mention because I don’t plan on starting or are on bye.

I’m considering starting Cooper over Landry because of the matchup Cooper has against a weak Eagles secondary. Considering Michel or Jones over Mixon because NO just somewhat stopped Gurley.

Full PPR. I know Mixon is a workhorse and I’m probably dumb for considering doing that but idk it is a gut feeling of mine.

What would you guys do as far as my roster this week? I’m last on waiver order so I’m looking at MVS but pretty good chance I won’t be able to get him. I’m going to try anyway and drop DJ Moore for him but we’ll see

Thoughts? Would really appreciate it?