Roster help and trade advice!

So here we are at the home stretch… I’m in a 10 team league standard scoring and I’m currently 6-4 with the rest of my division at 5-5 so I’m currently locked in for bye # 2… I’ve made many trades to set my roster up the way that it is, I’m just on here asking if anyone has any suggestions of moves I should make? Or if I should hold tight and “enjoy” the ride lol… also any input on lineup advice this week would be great! My starting lineup this week:

QB- Carson Wentz
RB- Leveon Bell
RB- Kareem Hunt
WR- Julio Jones
WR- Mike Evans
FLEX- LeSean McCoy
TE- Jimmy Graham
D/ST- Jaguars
K- Matt Bryant

Bench- Tyrod Taylor, Doug Baldwin, Juju, ty Montgomery, Alfred Morris, Davante Adams, McFadden(dropping)

Basically I’m just wondering if anyone has any suggestions on moves I should make if any? Am I right to be a little worried about Evans and Julio ROS? And also should I keep my lineup the way it is this week or consider swapping juju or Baldwin in at WR or Flex? Sorry this is so long just need some help as I lost in terrible fashion last week… thanks all!

Also was offered Antonio brown and alshon Jeffery or Tevin Coleman for Kareem Hunt but I don’t know if that will help my roster…?? Thanks

That’s a good team and I’m sure you’ve had your share of frustration getting to 6-4, but that’s how FF goes. The guy in our league who started 9-0 and led in points by a long way doesn’t have a team that I’d switch my team for and I’m only 6-4.

I like the trade of getting Antonio Brown and Tevin Coleman. With Freeman out for a while, Coleman will be an RB1, I think, and wouldn’t be much of a downgrade from Hunt.

I don’t know what to say about Julio, but I wouldn’t hold out false hope that he’s suddenly going to start finding the end zone. I’m an Evans owner and share your worries, but losing Winston I don’t really mind all that much. Fitzpatrick will be slinging the ball all over and I think Evans will still get plenty of targets, maybe more than with Winston.

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Honestly man awesome input and I really appreciate the detailed response and actually reading my book of a post lol. Yeah I think it’s just been the frustration of having what I believe to be a great star studded lineup and still sitting at 6-4. It’s hard to cut the cord on some underperforming “stars” like Julio but ideally it probably would be smart to not consider him must start no matter what status. Also this week would would you keep my lineup the way that it is? Or any tweaks? I’m leaning playing Julio and Evans but just curious if you think I should swap in Baldwin in there or not? Thanks a lot for your input as is and hope you have a good night! And good luck!

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I can see playing Baldwin over Julio this week, but it’s close. Richard Sherman is out so that does soften Julio’s matchup a bit, but Baldwin is consistently good in the 2nd half of the season and Seattle might as well give up having much of a running game.

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That’s kinda where I’m at and fortunately it’s a Monday night game so I can kinda see what I need heading into that depending on the score of my matchup to better judge my decision. It’s close, but currently leaning Julio as I also have graham and don’t want to be too reliant on Seattle’s pass game