Roster help. Best advice gets $5

I have INJURIES EVERYWHERE! Looking for a solid WR1 or RB2… who should I let go based on roster??

Who is on waivers?

I would try to flip Andrews to a team that needs a TE. If anyone was starting Njoku or Mcdonald at one point, they may need someone. Waller should be good for the rest of the year, and with lamar jackson playing the way he has andrews can get you good value in return.

I agree definitely try to flip Andrew’s and maybe Barkley. Maybe package both and see if you can shoot for Karmara, Cook. I’d also might try to deal Penny to the Carson owner for someone as well…just some options

Everybody telling you to flip Andrews… Waller would get more value with the recent blowup… if you’re gonna flip one, flip Waller IMO for a QB (Watson, Jackson, Wilson, Dak)

You can’t trade Damien Williams cause he hasn’t done anything… he stays put… I’m assuming this is standard redraft?

I think you could easily pull Ingram for Barkley… Ravens offense looking solid as the #2 in the NFL and they don’t shy away from feeding him at the goal line… you’re not going to get Kamara or CMC or Elliott for Barkley, but people will give up Ingram/Mack/Henry, maybe Cook but doubt it… you’re coming out golden regardless of any of those 4 in redraft

If I could flip Adams for Hill, I’d do it in a heartbeat…

Then I’d try to consolidate McLaurin/Godwin into WR1 like Allen or Cooper… lose some depth, but that’d look like:

QB: Deshaun Watson
WR1: Tyreek Hill
WR2: Amari Cooper
RB1: Mark Ingram
RB2: David Johnson
TE: Mark Andrews
FLEX: Williams/McCoy

Deal with it :sunglasses:

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I love you man

Best advice I have is to change the team name.