Roster Help please!

I have one open roster spot after completing a trade and need some help… should I take flier and pick up Matt Brieda incase Hyde doesn’t play or the injury lasts? Or should I pick up Alvin Kamara (Saints RB) DeOnta Foreman (Texans RB) or someone more established like Allen Hurns or Will Fuller? Having trouble so any help is appreciated!

If you need someone to get you some points now it’s Kamara. If you have depth and want to stash someone I like Breida due to Hyde’s injury history, I think he has a real shot to start a few games this year. Foreman looks legit but is still behind Miller and they haven’t used him very much.

I’d go with Foreman. He has the best chance to have a meaningful role minus an injury to one of the starting backs. Over the last 2 weeks, he has 22 total touches compared to only 20 through 3 weeks for Kamara. But go for where ever you need the help the most, either RB or WR. Of the WRs you listed, I personally like Fuller the most but they are about the same in low-volume passing attacks.

Thank you both as that was very helpful input. My starting lineup is pretty stacked and my bench has enough depth to get me thru god forbid any injuries. More so an upside roster pickup since I don’t have waiver priority. The input was solid and I’m leaning towards grabbing Breida based off of hydes injury history

Foreman is looking like a good shout