Roster help- RB 2ish Trade Targets or Free Agents

12 team 1 PPR
Current team:
Qb: Wilson, Goff
Wr: OBJ, Thielen, Baldwin, Agholor, Watkins, Enunwa
Rb: Freeman, Barber, Lynch, Ingram, Morris
Te: Rudolph
K: Butker
Dst: Broncos

Free agents include:
WR:Cole, Ginn, Grant, Marshall, Dorsett, Godwin, Williams
RB:J.Richard, Hines, Gore, Gio, Martin

Really no RBs on the waivers, just tons of WRs and TEs. Tried to identify a trade opportunity to stack two players for a decent rb, but it doesn’t appear to be panning out. Any suggested add/drops based on my current WRs?