Roster Help - Touchdown Only League

I’ve got an odd question but would like some new insight.

One of my leagues is a Touchdown Only league - scores 6 pts for TDs and only other scores are for milestones (i.e. 100 Yds+ for WR/RB, 300 yds+ for QB, etc). Since TDs are the driving force a RB could get 99 yds rushing and still no fantasy score in this league (or worse yet, 99 yds rushing, 75 yds passing and still no score since both are separate).

Which two of the following would you think will score a TD this week - even if only after a 2 yd run/catch lol:

David Johnson
Chris Carson
Tyler Boyd
TY Hilton

And the kicker is that ALL players lock at kickoff today…so I have to assume they will be healthy come Sunday.

The rest of my roster is:
Joe Mixon
Eric Ebron
Travis Kelce

Thanks in advance!