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Roster Layout


I have a 14 team half. PPR league and wonder if I should restructure the roster.

Currently it is QB, RB, RB, WR, WR, TE, K, DEF, 4BE

We used to have a 5 man bench. My question is due to the 4 man bench, should I add a 3rd WR position? Or no because having 14 teams it really makes free agency more shallow?

Curious what people thought.


I have been working in more Flex positions. Have you thought of going 1QB 1WR 1RB 1TE 3Flx K D?
I assume this is a ReDraft league, I would suggest a bench that matches the size of your starting roster. Also an IR(designated to return) slot


That’s interesting, it is a redraft league and that is definitely something to consider. Are your FLEX spots for all positions or limited to WR/TE or WR/RB/TE?

I’ve always wanted to dabble in the IR spot but I want sure how that worked. We use ESPN and my question about the IR position is if a player who has been considered questionable to play that Sunday and is finally considered OUT, is he eligible for IR so that I may out him there and pick up a spot start player?


Not sure if ESPN allows questionable players. Me personally, I use one super flexible and 3 wr/rb/te/dst/k