Roster looking good at RB? 🤔

Was able to pick up McCaffery off of waivers from the bye week. Have Ingram, Connor, and Ajayi but my trade was accepted for Saquon… To many RBs to have or is it smart to stack this many RBs?

not at all, you might even want to grab a handcuff if available for one of your studs. barkley for ajayi? lucky dude you are.

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Not sure what kind of league you’re in where people are dropping Mccaffery and trading silly like that, but they obviously don’t know anything about football.

Why was CMC on waivers? You traded Ajayi and got Saquon in return?!?!

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Dude who dropped mccaffery has Gurley, cook, and Melvin Ingram. Think he dropped him for the bye not too sure. The trade for sure through me off because of how good my league is actually. Took a shot on the one team who seems a little like they don’t know what they’re doing haha a little ruthless but that’s life haha

I did. Banked on the Ajayi owner being a eagles fan being that they had Wentz and Ertz and it went through lol
Plus they sat Saquon two weeks in a row and made the trade based on the fact they weren’t using him

Who do you think would possibly be a good handcuff?

keep an eye on the depth charts in our lads, you have a good roster now for sure. maybe try to package gordon and d Jax and Carr for another stud WR, or stud QB like Goff or Rivers or Watson, ya know? then you can have an easier time picking up like the barkly or CMC handcuff…

just some food for thought

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Well I just picked up Barkley for Ajayi in trade. Accepted and pending till Monday.
I do need another big name reciever so that package deal sounds pretty good. Thanks for that idea :fist:t3:

i LOVE Landry in PPR, Golladay is emerging as the clear WR1a on Detroit, and Ridley is the clear WR2 on an offense that is going to be pass happy in track meets every week. I really like Fuller if he can stay healthy as well.

good luck! not for nothing i am streaming Eli for a QB this week because NO defense stinks on ice…

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That’s funny dude. I just picked up manning a couple hours ago because of the saints crappy defense… I did get rid of josh Gordon for him tho…
Barkley, Beckham and Shepard are going to hit higher numbers this week. Starting him over care honestly… sounds like a better play… right?