Roster moves this week

Who would prefer to have?

  1. Which 1 would you like to have of Alfred Morris or Kenyan Drake?
  2. Which 2 would you like to have of Willie Snead, Kenny Stills, or Ted Ginn?
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Morris. Then Stills and Ginn.

Cool cool - would you drop Cohen for Morris and Snead for Stills then?

Edit - OR just drop Snead for Morris? As I also have Ginn

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Yes, sure would get Stills. With Landry going somewhere he’ll have a lot more opportunity. As matter of fact I haven’t checked on Landry to see what happened.

Still Stills, I’d rather have than Snead.

Latest report says Landry was told he wouldn’t be traded. Are we past the deadline now? I have Moncrief as well who has been pretty terrible but there was word of him possibly moving somewhere.

Yeah, the deadline was at 4 today. I’m surprised there was so much procrastination with owners on this deadline. I mean the Browns trade for McCarron, but they were late with paperwork, was why it was denied.

Ah, so Moncrief not moving…does the recommendation to get Stills stand if I also said I have Parker? Looks like he could be back this week. Also worth noting that these moves would also be more depth/block other people from getting them moves :slight_smile:

I’m not big on stacking but, it can be ok, especially to just gather value. He’s a better option than Moncrief. Yeah, a lot of trade talk with Indianapolis but looks like they didn’t get anything done.

Fair enough - last one! Would you drop Moncrief for Stills or Robby Anderson? Seems to be seeing more reliable action and gets away from stacking.

No problem stacking at all. That’s only a preference of mine, unless it’s Quarterback/WR. That is a close one, couldn’t go wrong, but I’d lean Anderson with becoming a target hog, and Parker coming back.