Roster/Pick and Play Thoughts

I have Agholor on the waiver for immediate pickup and I need some WR help. Hill is in my IR spot with Woods taking WR1 role. Should I pick up Agholor or play one of these receivers?

Marvin Jones, Josh Gordon, Hardman, or Metcalf.

Other players on my bench I would have to drop are Chris Thompson, Darwin Thompson, or Malcolm Brown.

What should I do?! I am 0-2 and need some help but don’t want to make wrong decision on dropping the wrong player

I think Agholor would be the safest play out of those options just because he will probably see a lot of targets if both Jackson and Jeffrey are out.

The other WR you list seem to be more boom/bust to me. As far as who to drop, I guess I’d go with one of the Thompsons.

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Stash Darwin for a possible big add if he plays due to injuries or keep Chris Thompson with a solid flex floor? I have Saquon, David Mopportunity, and Breida as my rbs

I would. It’s hard not to want a piece of the KC offense. You’ll know more about Darwin after this week because it looks like Damien Williams isn’t playing.

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