Roster pick ups for playoff

Thinking of picking up Spencer ware for the playoffs. Just in case. I have hunt and think it would be smart to get ware in case of injury or just sitting hunt for the NFL playoffs. Not sure who I should drop. It’s a 1/2 ppr 12 team.

Russell Wilson

Melvin Gordon
Kareem Hunt
Aaron Jones
Jalen Richard (dropping him to pick up Chris Carson someone dropped)

Emmanuel Sanders
Amari Cooper
Golden Tate
Sammy Watkins
John Brown

Evan engram
Austin Hooper

Will Lutz


Thanks for the help

I would definitely pick up Ware and would probably drop one of the TE’s. I am sure Ekeler is also owned, but I would see if you could swing a trade for him as well.


Thanks for the help. I was thinking about dropping a TE but am a little hesitant because of both of their schedules. I was just gonna play the best matchup for the week. Which one would you drop?.. unfortunately our trade deadline is passed so no trading for ekeler

Engram is expendable to me