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Roster restrictions Help!


12 team .5 ppr

no flex

Roster requirements
2 QB 3RB 3WR 2 TE 2 K 2Def

can have no more or less.

What would this change in your fantasy strategy?

24 qbs have to come off the board, but only 36 RBs and WR, so waivers should be much more active for WR and QB. Much less for QB and DEF.

take QB earlier?


I’d still draft a stud WR for a value. But I’d load up on RBs to get your choice. I wouldn’t wait as long on qb as streaming would be more difficult.


That depends, are you required to start 2qb 3rb ect? Or is it normal format? 1qb 2rb 2wr ect… if it is, I handle it the same. Qbs are only really valuable in a 2 starting qb system. So I get my depth at rb, and wr first. Then I’ll look at te and qb. It does change the value all around on qb te and def actually, but not so much that i will let the 2 most important positions suffer because of it. But, as you pointed out, depth at wr should be really good on waivers. So at most I would get my top 2 wrs, and then ignore them for a while.