Roster set-up help, Please!

.5ppr - I have CMC at RB1 and Lindsay at RB2 and White at Flex. But I have Hardman on my bench and being at Detroit seems like a good script for him. Should I put White in as RB2 @ Buffalo and Hardman at flex or keep as is? Thoughts?

If you wanna have that boom or bust guy Hardman would be great. I’m thinking the same thing. I feel like there could be enough TDs to give every receiver at least one.

This is a very tough week for RBs. Lindsey has a bad matchup but might catch enough to stay relevant. Also, he has a different running style than lets say Derrick Henry. He might be immune to tough run defenses depending on how he is used. Also, I think Darwin Thompson will be used more as well which dilutes things even more. I think it is a coin flip and depends on your record and if you are behind already.

I’d go White RB2 and Hardman Flex. I doubt Darwin does anything yet and if he does that shouldn’t effect the downfield bombs that will happen multiple times in Detriit

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