Roster Shape Advice?

I’m trying to get a pulse on how my team is shaping up.

Current Roster:
QB: Rivers and streaming Luck this week
WR: MThomas, Allison, JBrown, Kupp, Ridely, Boyd
RB: CMC, Mixon, Michele
TE: Ebron, Burton
DST: Picked up New England but thinking of sticking with them ROS

My record is 5-2 and in 3rd place.

Thanks for any advice!

Looks pretty solid to me! Really don’t have much advice other than to make smart start/sit decisions (easier said than done obviously lol). Good luck!

Is this a two te league?

No its not a 2 TE league…Im torn on whether to keep Ebron or Burton…if i had to chose it might be Burton because he is done with his bye and I’m uncertain about Ebron’s production with TY and Doyle coming back

If you can part with one, maybe you can add another rb for a little depth. Maybe package trade with your other qb after this week.

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Perhaps package Ebron/Brown for Kerryon? The Kerryon owner has Reed at TE and is light on WRs