Roster taking shape?

You be the judge. I’m 1-4 but point production is going up and I’ve had the second most points scored against me.

Have made some trades and waiver moves but here is the roster:

QB: Cousins
RB: Barkley, Hunt, A Jones, KJ
WR: Diggs, Boyd, J Williams, Callaway
TE: Burton
Def: Bears

Pending waiver moves:

I will have TY Hilton off the waivers thursday (can say this with full authority as 10 of 10 in waiver position)

Chris Carson is my number one prioritized waiver claim at this point for this week

Winston is my second in priority for waiver claim

Keke is my third

Any thoughts on waiver order or potential trade options is appreciated.

Really like your roster and moves to be made. Personally i would add Keke in the second waiver slot just to try and ensure you get both him and Carson but adding Hilton gives you solid starters at all positions.

Need WR depth more than RB even with Hilton coming in but Carson can’t be ignored so 100% agree him first priority. otherwise you are in good shape

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Good point. I’ll pickup Keke and as long as i get him, will drop Callaway for Hilton on Thursday. My potential roster would then be:

QB: Cousins/Winston
RB: Barkley, Hunt, Yeldon (forgot to mention him in OP), AJ, KJ, Carson
WR: Diggs, Hilton, Boyd, J Brown, Keke
TE: Burton
Def: Bears

Before I comment officially, Who is J Williams?

Meant J Brown, my apology

that is a good clarification haha. j brown is great. i agree with @James89 def like your RB depth more than WR depth bc you need a 2nd elite guy

regardless, your team is srsly really good dude, it definitely is about to go on a roll esp if you get another WR after adding Hilton/Keke. Hilton being injured almost makes me want to suggest adding Keke first, but it wouldn’t really be sensible since you have a bunch of Keke’s basically already. Hopefully Hilton recovers soon.

And I’d prioritize Hilton and Keke over Carson honestly. With Yeldon too, you really are set at RB completely right now and I wouldn’t even think abt it until you get that next WR1. Barkley/Hunt/Yeldon/AJ/KJ should totally be sufficient to carry you through the season imo. I’d make Carson the 3rd priority since Seattle is too much of a mess in the backfield to know what Carson will really be worth.

Thanks so much for feedback. Good news is, Hilton doesn’t become available on the waivers until Thursday. So i can prioritize for all these guys as i wish tonight, then submit a claim for Hilton on Thursday and i’m guaranteed to get him.

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i’d try to upgrade to another WR1 at that elite level, like a JJ (who might be a buy low candidate), Hopkins, etc.

it’s possible Yeldon could be traded for that WR1 to the Fournette owner. I don’t think acquiring Fournette is really worth it with the RB’s you have. Not sure if Mike Davis/Penny are owned already, but if you end up with Carson, maybe their owner would be craving Carson.

Ertz or Kelce would be worth the same as an elite WR1 to me as well, in case that is easier to acqiure. I like them better than Gronk ROS personally, unless he comes cheaper than them somehow. i worry abt his injuries a bit.

other than that stuff, your team is all set honestly. you don’t have to do any of this even haha, and you’ll still start winning more. but those waiver acquisitions would be strong, any of them, but with a pref for the WR’s. i wouldn’t focus too much on Winston. Cousins should keep doing this without issue