Roster thoughts and opinions

Hey y’all, I had my draft yesterday. It’s a 10 team standard league. I’d love to hear thoughts, opinions, and possible ideas on how to upgrade. I was thinking maybe trying to acquire another wr like Beckham, Jones, Green? What say you?

Lol it is always a good idea to get a OBJ, Jones or Green on your team but I don’t see that happening unless you are willing to part with Fournette or M.Gordon (which I don’t recommend).

As of this exact moment you have a very solid team with good depth. However, Murray is technically a backup and Hyde is injury prone and I anticipate will lose some touches to Chubb down the road. With that being said, I would look to move Hyde + whichever of your bench WR has the best game (probably Stills) for a legit RB. You have two stud RB to start but behind that you have three timeshare at best (Penny, Murray, Jones) and Hyde who I already addressed.

Grab yourself another solid high upside RB2 and you are cruising.

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Would you rather have Alex Collins or Royce Freeman?

This! i like the team overall, i think WR depth is a bit of a concern. I actually don’t mind OP not having a top 5 WR given the RB situation, especially since they have DIggs and Gordon who can be top 10 guys. The concern on depth is due to the fact that diggs won’t play a full season, and gordon probably won’t either, so you need someone solid to rotate in. I’m less concerned about Hyde as everyone else. Maybe he’s a bum, or maybe he’s good like his rookie year and the coaching just sucked in san fran. we’re gonna find out real soon.