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Full PPR with first down and long play bonus. Redraft. 10 teams 5 man bench.

I kinda wanted Akers on my squad for later in the year as I don’t think Brown owns the backfield all year. Change my mind if I am wrong. Wanted to see about weather it was worth trying to acquire him based on the draft capital spent on him. Would Robinson straight up be good? Or Kelley? Maybe Both? His roster and mine, thanks for the help! And let me know if I am tinkering too much lol!

I bet you could offer Robinson straight up and get that done given the hype after all the work he got in week 1. Kelley seems to have a lot more potential value later in the year so I personally wouldn’t offer him for trade.

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Offered Robinson for Akers straight up. I think Akers has big payoff potential.

So for ROS, who do you think is better in PPR? Gibson, Akers, or Robsinson? I kind of expect Ekeler to miss time and Kelley to get more work, but what scares me is the Chargers offense is dog poop. Akers has opportunity, and Gibson was one trip away from owning the lead role this week as Peyton Barber is not great.

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I think Gibson, Akers, Kelley, Robinson is the right order. I still think Malcolm Brown will always have a role in the offense but it’s the best offense of the group. Of the first 3, Gibson is probably the only one that can take the RB1 role soon without an injury. I’m just not a big believer in Jacksonville’s offense or one game of results so Robinson is last.


same, I would rate them in that order too. Actually just dropped Robinson for Kelley in 10-team.

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