Roster/Trade dilemma

Half point ppr league. So I’m 3-3 with injuries piled up. I feel like I need some more juice at my WR position. I’m debating trading CMC because I need wins and can’t rely on him staying healthy ROS. I talked with one of the other managers and we are close on a trade.

The trade would be me sending CMC and Sutton for either Metcalf and AB or Lamb and AB.

I want lamb and AB but he wants to send Metcalf and AB.

My question is that a fair trade as far as value for CMC.

So what would you do in this situation?

Here is my roster

So CMC has a very tough value to determine with the reinjury Im debating on trading for him but I dont want to obviously give to much. I see why he wants off of DK but wilson will come back and then his value will jump back up but you kinda need to production now so Id probably hold if you cant get him to cave on Lamb and AB.

But yeah decently fair in my eyes tough with a injured player its all subjective on what anyone personally thinks will happen with him

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Yeah I agree. I don’t mind DK I love him personally, but with Wilson out I just don’t think he can hit his ceiling. It’s tough because nobody else in our league really wants to trade. My other options are DHop and Keenan Allen to trade for that I know that are available

I’m assuming you’re talking Antonio Brown and not AJ Brown.

Looking at your roster, I’m not sure you can afford to trade CMC without getting a RB of decent quality in return. Collins may be out, and even when CEH comes back, he probably won’t have a valuable workload. It’s a tough spot but one of the top teams should be willing to take a chance on CMC.

Value wise I think Ceedee and AB is ok, but I think it would be a mistake with your roster construction.