Rough Week 1... Thoughts on Trades

Team was a dumpster fire in Week 1. Lots of low points all around.

Keeping trying to move Evans, but no one in my league is biting. Worth offering up Julio/Thomas for a Dalvin /DJ/Chubb?

.5ppr league.

QB: Goff
RB: Aaron Jones, Tevin Coleman, Miles Sanders, Latavious Murray, Chris Thompson
WR: Michael Thomas, Julio Jones, Mike Evans, Robert Woods, Jamison Crowder, Curtis Samuel, Tyrell Williams, Hollywood Brown
TE: Waller

I got absolutely crushed week, 1 and just made a similar post. But now I am reading yours and can look more objectively. Hold your horses on Mike Evans. You will need at least a 2nd round / 3rd round RB back for him which you aren’t going to get after week 1 or even week 2. Take a breather it’s only 1 week.
HOWEVER, regardless of what happened with Evans week 1 and likely week 2, Thomas for Dalvin / DJ / Chubb are definitely an upgrade and you need RB help. I would be happy in your shoes to trade any WR for DJ. Anyone but Julio for Dalvin or Chubb

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Thank you.

bump for help. TIA.