Rough week 1

I’m one of the many that had rough week 1 production in Keryon johnson, devonta freeman, and Eric ebron. Should I blow up my team and make some trades or stay the course and play the waiver game?

I’m in the same boat, idk what to do lol. 2 teams and only 2 decent players lol

Ebron was not going to have the year he had last year. You can be patient with freeman and kerryon

Wouldn’t panic yet. It’s only the first week lol. Freeman had a tough matchup against Minnesota. Kerryon is the one that seems a little questionable with how their using him

All my players except for Lamar underdelivered, I’ve pretty much thrown in the towel on the season already.

I would say be hella active on waivers! Package players and try and trade. At this point: 1. its only week 1, things can change rapidly… 2. youve drafted and gotta work with what you have–especially if its a money league, there are so many what ifs! injuries, trades, etc can happen … just keep trying, you have nothing to lose!

I’d be trying to work trades if I were you but it’s gonna be hard to sell those players for anything valuable after the week they had.