Rough WR start maybe waiver grab

half point ppr face off of the two 0-3 teams so really would like to not settle into last place

gotta start 3

Obj and Fuller i feel alright about but the flex spot is where it gets dicey
Chark v @Cin (injured might not play)
Crowder v Den (injured might not play)
Aj Green v Jax just been disappointing

Waiver options
Renfrow v Buf
T Higgins v Jax
Greg Ward v @sf

How would you rank the wrs here is obj fuller and renfrow the way to go?

There is no real great option.

Higgins has the “best” defensive matchup. However, you would be chasing points and Boyd is the top target for Burrow.

Renfrow will likely be drawing White in coverage and BUF has been good against the pass (only 274 pass yds/game).

Ward is bascially the only option at WR for PHI right now, but Wentz is currently not trustworthy. They will lean on Sanders.

In picking one, I would lean Higgins based on defensive match up. However, Ward deserves a look. He will see targets because Ertz cant receive every single target.

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