Roulette Dynasty Startup, Free ½PPR SF 2TE Sleeper

As heard on Scott Fish’s Commission: Impossible: Roulette Dynastie FFL is what would be considered a fairly standard Dynasty Superflex fantasy football league with just a few non-standard scoring settings (see below), but with one big twist: each year, after the championship matchup, all rostered players of a randomly selected position will be dropped and all players of that position will be off limits for pickup during the offseason, to be available once again for the next season’s supplemental draft.

Startup draft is snake, rookies and vets. Subsequent years’ drafts are linear, reverse rankings. Startup is scheduled for June 22.

Scoring is ½PPR, 4pt pass TD, 0.1 points per carry, 0.1 points per completion (hello Megalabowl), individual Kick/Punt return yards, 2pt conversions count as full TD (4/6/6pts). Link to bylaws is pinned in league chat, though they’re still being edited.