Round 1 & 2 stacking

I have the 10 slot in a 12-man draft. Mock drafts and ADPs show the potential that I may have the option to take Melvin Gordon as the 10th pick, and with the 15th pick Keenan Allen is often available. Is it an awful idea to pick up both of these guys? Alternatively, I may have the option to take Michael Thomas instead of Allen (though I think I would prefer Keenan Allen in a straight-up comparison). Thoughts appreciated.

General consensus is that stacking skill players on the same team will limit your upside.
It’s not the worst thing but your first 2 picks are supposed to be the wham-bam to setup your team & you dont want those limited in anyway imo.

That does seem to be the prevailing wisdom, but there’s little to no evidence to support it.

I’d be fine with it.

Just don’t chicken out like I did last year. I had Gordon, Allen, and Rivers. By week 6 I was 1-5. So, being the panzy I can be, I traded Gordon and Allen. If I kept them I would have made the playoffs, because from that point on the two of them went off, especially Allen. I still can’t believe it…

In principle there’s nothing wrong with stacking, but when it goes wrong it hurts bad. I stacked Rodgers and Nelson last year and it was looking like my year for a few weeks but then when Rodgers went down I took a double whammy cause Jordy went down with him. The advantage of a pairing a WR and RB is that there’s never a bad game script for you, so you’re just essentially betting on the team putting up points.