Round 1 of play-offs: Down 26 and need a MIRACLE! Help!


After the 1st week of play-offs I am facing the 2nd seed in an ESPN full-PPR league. We are doing two weeks of play-offs and I find myself down 26 points going into this week. I need a fantasy miracle, which can happen in fantasy!

My opponent is stacked with QB - Newton, RBs - Barkley and White, WRs - Adams and Edelman, TE - Reed (who is doubtful), FLEX - Hill (who is questionable), D/ST - Saints, K - Lutz. On his bench he has McCoy, Cooper, Michel, Henry, and Prescott.

I have:
QB - Rivers
RBs - Kamara, Chubb
WRs - Boyd, C. Samuels
TE - Gronk
FLEX - J. Jackson
D/ST - Broncos
K - Fairbairn
Bench - Gordon, Ekeler, G. Edwards, Ware, R. Wilson, J. Samuels, C. Godwin

Vikings and Seahawks are on the waivers that I am thinking about playing instead of Broncos. Any thoughts or suggestions to give me the highest upside to try and sneak into the next round would be wonderful! Thank you!!

Gordon is the only one i would consider putting in from the bench and MAYBE Godwin

Look at what the ravens d did to mahomes. I am a tbay fan and I don’t think i would trust a tbay pass catcher this week.
Are there any waiver wire wr? If pettis is avaliable i would go after him. I think boyd at oakland is fine, and i like samuels against NO.

I would also get seattle defense. they play niners this week and can be useful in championship in week 17 against arizona

Pettis and the Seahawks are available. Drop Godwin for Pettis? Drop the Broncos D too?

I wouldn’t drop the broncos d, mainly as a blocking tactic. I would drop ekeler. given your RB depth you wont need him next week. Also MG will definetely be back by then.