Royce and Josh Gordon on the move

I just lost Delanie Walker and have no TE. TE’s are slim in my league.

I’m giving: Royce Freeman and Josh Gordon

I’m getting: Jimmy Graham and Cooper Kupp

or I’m getting Tyler Eifert and Cooper Kupp

Which would be best to receive?

please no you can pick up a te on the waiver .


Graham is the better, but like stated please dont give us so much for a TE who could get the same output as Ebron or Cook

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Yeah don’t tilt on Freeman. What’s going to happen when they keep running Lindsay between the tackles and he doesn’t hold up. Freeman could still be a valuable piece.

If you like Kupp better than Gordon I can see that, but Graham and Eifert are both largely touchdown dependent guys. Get Janu Smith and play it out week to week.