Royce Freeman and the Depth Chart

So with the Broncos saying that Booker is their #1, is it worth holding off on Freeman in favor of Burkhead (or Powell) for a week or two until the Broncos come to their senses?

Definitely do not drop Freeman. But if Burkhead is somehow available on the waivers, you should also definitely be owning him.

I have both, as well as Lewis, Powell, and Murray with no intention of letting any of them go (short of an upgrade), I’m just worried about Freeman not getting action.

Be patient. A lot of these rookies you have to be patient with. Kerryon/Michel/Royce are potential league winners. You just have to weather the storm those early weeks. Talent will win out for Royce in the end. The coaching staff is idiotic so it’ll take them time to reach that conclusion.

By “holding off on Freeman in favor of burkhead or powell” you mean holding off on starting freeman week 1, correct?

That’s a tougher question to answer and I can see why you’re asking it.

Pay close attention to what the coaches of all three of those RBs are saying about their usage. While they may not say anything (BB definitely won’t), they just might give you more than a clue.

I do agree that you need to be patient with Royce, but he looked good in dress rehearsal week and he may make an impact sooner rather than later. I also have little faith in the Bronco’s coaching staff to set him up for early success, but between him and booker, there’s no doubt he’s the more talented back.

If you want to go “high floor” / “low risk” in week 1, start Burkhead; he seems to be the kind of solid, lunch pail player that BB likes. And the Pats always have a productive backfield.

yeah, that was my thought as well. i’d hoped that freeman would be slated to jump right in to a leading role, but it looks like it’ll take a few games

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What are your current thoughts on Michel? I hope to get him at a good price. It’s hard to imagine the Pats using a first round pick on a RB unless they saw something special. Where would you feel comfortable drafting him?

Love him. Earlier on in offseason, i had zero shares of Michel cause he was too expensive even though he was my fav back in the class after barkley. Now, hes like going in 7th / 8th round. I’m all in. Potential league winner imo if he can take that Lewis role and get like 15+ touches a game.