Royce Freeman available on waivers

12 team ppr league. Royce freeman owner just dropped him. I would have to drop Aaron Jones, Kerryon Johnson, or Rex Burkhead to pick him up. Should I do it, and if so who should I drop?

i wouldnt but if you really want him id drop burkhead he hasnt been producing and the other 2 should be a starter within the next few weeks

I could also drop jamaal williams, but hes the starter, at least for now

Drop Burkhead… something isnt right with him. Pats have James White and Sony Michelle

Aaron Jones back next week. J Williams stock goes down. Trade now

I would second dropping Sexy Rexy for Freeman.

Keep Aaron Jones, drop Burkhead, Keep Kerryon, get Freeman…stash

i might just grab rex burhead now just to call him sexy rexy

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