Royce Freeman for Amari Cooper. Fair trade?

12-team. 0.5 PPR. I’m sending Royce Freeman and receiving Amari Cooper. Thoughts?

Personally I would rather have Freeman, but it would depend on what your RBs/WRs look like.

Hard to have faith in Gruden/Raiders now though

Bump here.

RBs: Gordon, CMC, Lewis, Freeman, Powell
WRs: Baldwin, Watkins, Anderson, DJax, Westbrook, Ellington.

@MikeMeUpp mind weighting in?

I would take that trade pretty quickly. But I am an amari cooper truther. I believe he is crazy talented and just needs opportunity and targets. Look at what happened in the denver game. You target him, he produces. And he is a route running god and always gets insane separation when you watch the coaches film. Carr just needs to find him and give him opportunity.

To be quite honest with you, I was expecting cooper to suck ass in denver. Getting covered by Harris in the slot and as an away game but he absolutely murdered it and blew my expectations out of the water. I’m still goign to temper my expectations cause he’s still probably a more boom bust guy than you would like but seeing him go into a tough matchup and do it is very encouraging.

I am also legitimately concerned about freeman right now. Lindsay is overshadowing him in every facet of the game and it is a full blown time share with Lindsay/Booker getting receiving work and him not getting any. He is turning into a TD or bust guy and in tougher game scripts, I’m afraid he’s going to get phased out of the game completely. Kind of like Marshawn. I still think he eventually leads that backfield just given how small lindsay is but I think it’ll be closer to a 60/40 or 55/40 once booker gets phased out and Lindsay being more efficient than him, makes me want to pick lindsay as my horse.

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Thanks for always being helpful, Mike.

I know I’m late, but I agree with Mike. I would take the trade.