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Royce Freeman for golden tate


I was offered Royce Freeman for golden tate. Just picked up Phillip Lindsay. I wanna make the trade and should still be fine at WR. I have Keenan Allen Emmanuel Sanders Kenny stills jordy Nelson Sammy Watkins John brown. Just wanted to get everyone else’s input. Thanks


as of now that is a low ball from him. Freeman isn’t a sole back there and hasnt shown he can be yet while golden tate has a high floor and has a chance to shine. personally i wouldnt take it right now. in 2 weeks freeman improves and shows he can handle a heavier work load i’d do the trade.


For golden Tate you should get a Rb2 like a Drake or Collins not a rookie Sharing timeshares


I’m actually the guy who sent the trade and I wouldn’t send it if I didn’t think it could improve both teams. Everyone knows Freeman will actually get that backfield in a couple of weeks. Considering Freeman is larger you can also expect more goal line work.


Thanks guys. And I actually have Collins and drake. Lol. Im pretty set at RB anyways and not even sure when I would use Freeman. I appreciate the help


Lol. It’s all good man.