Royce Freeman Keep/Cut Week 9

For seasonal league (not keeper/dynasty), Do you keep holding Royce? At this point he is injured possibly for multiple weeks and Lindsay has essentially taken his lunch. I don’t think he has any trade value at this point so the question is keep holding on to him or drop him to waivers for someone like David Moore (SEA), DJ Moore (CAR), etc

I also need to know this

I have Freeman, I plan on keeping him. RB’s are tough to come by this season. I drafted relatively well, my other backs are M. Gordon, J. Howard, M. Mack, and Ekeler. Royce Freeman has a very good playoff schedule upcoming should Lindsay get injured after taking on more of a workload. Even if Lindsay stays healthy RB’s have been such a pain this season that Freeman still might be a good play even if Lindsay is still playing well.

I feel like I’m the only person still advocating for Freeman. My team is 6-2, and I do have enough depth to keep him. Other teams with him might not be in that situation so if other people drop him I won’t blame them. He has been relatively disappointing. That being said there is literally nothing on the waivers by this point, rb or otherwise. At least in my league. I don’t see anyone worth dropping him for. I don’t have much of a faab budget either so I’m pretty limited with what I can do. His upside is still high, he should return after the bye in week 11. Weeks 13-16 are good matchups.

The Broncos traded Thomas to open up things for Courtland Sutton. Obviously the Lindsay/Freeman situation is different, but considering how many nice runs he had in the beginning of the season I find it hard to believe he won’t get one or two good games down the stretch.

Its a bad situation right now but I don’t see myself dropping him, there is no one worth picking up, and he still has a chance to prove himself.

I have the following in addition to Royce
Melvin Gordon (draft), Marlon Mack (FA), Doug Martin (FA), Aaron Jones (Draft), Kenyan Drake (trade)

I am worried because i don’t have a true WR2 and production is lacking due to inconsistency. So i am trying to stream to fill that gap. I have Davante Adams (draft) Doug Baldwin (FA), Amari Cooper (Draft), Courtland Sutton (FA), Josh Gordon (draft). this is why i was trying to pick up a receiver but someone has to be dropped.

I think you can drop Freeman, you have enough depth that it won’t hurt. I have Gordon as my wr2 as well. I was going to pick up Sutton but Mack had that injury scare!! Got nervous and had Wilkins for the week instead. My other receivers are Tre’quan Smith and Antonio Drop-away. Everybody got picked up in my league too, trade offers not appealing. I’m right there with you in terms of the wr2 struggle. Gordon needs to break through this week vs GB.

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I did at least get Sutton but it just muddies the waters further. Having to pick between Sutton, Baldwin, Gordon, and Cooper for the WR2 slot is just painful. i will undoubtedly guess wrong…

I had him but that is one of the worst injuries. If his numbers were slightly better but just could not get going. He was always on my bench anyway. He’s worthless IMO. You could likely drop him because even if he does comeback it will be the same scenario.

Dropped him, he was immediately scooped up by someone else but he is their problem now. He is super talented but his situation just makes him a roster clogger.

Then again, I have so much RB depth he would never see the lineup.

Gurley - Mixon - Minnesota RB’s - Cohen - Richard ahead of him.