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Royce Freeman on Waivers


Would it be a dumb move to drop Cousins to pick up Lindsay’s handcuff? He would be a stud if Lindsay went down. I have decent depth of RBs and Wide-outs and have Wentz; I wouldnt miss Cousins much, don’t trust him.


I would. Do it.


Im streaming Josh Allen for this week so he would be back up to Wentz, could always be way worse lol


If you are the lindsay owner you needed royce yesterday. get him asap!
broncos have a beautiful schedule for rb ros. if lindsay goes down, royce will be a stud.


Royce is a top shelf handcuff now. If you have Lindsay you absolutely need him on your roster.


The thing is I dont have Lindsay, but the guy who does is in playoffs as well and he pick up someone else.


Thoughts on if I dont have Lindsay, be a pointless pick up?


If you have the space on your poster than still yes. If Lindsay gets hurt and you have the arguably more talented back on your roster blocking your opponent? That is a very good strategy in my eyes.