Royce Freeman or Jarvis Landry in flex? Full PPR

Rookie RB or veteran possession WR?

Bless em. The Juice by a wide margin.


I’m shooting to make a trade and acquire Landry. Royce and Corey Davis for Landry and Jamaal Williams. Just seeking thoughts from the #FootClan @MikeMeUpp

That’s a close one. I prefer landry to davis slightly. It depends on your roster.

If you want early production, go Williams side. There is a chance he loses some work to Jones once he comes back although he’ll still be on a high scoring offence. I’m higher on Williams than most and am also a corey davis truther which makes this harder for me.

Given full PPR though, I’m leaning towards the landry williams side.

My RB’s
Zeke, Gordon, Royce Freeman, Duke Johnson, Latavius Murray, Jordan Wilkins, and Mark Ingram
My WR’s
Fitz, Tate, Corey Davis, Mike Williams
Kelce at TE

His RB’s
Devonta Freeman
Jamaal Williams
Devontae Booker
His WR’s
Demariyus Thomas
Robert Woods
Alshon Jeffery
Jamison Crowder
Brandon Marshall

I originally wanted to trade him an RB package. Gordon, Freeman, and Ingram for Gurley. I backed off of that and tried to get Landry for Freeman, but he wanted Fitz. Then, he suggested Williams for Freeman. That’s when I suggested Davis and Freeman for Landry and Williams.

Juice, he will get a ton of targets target this week

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Your RBs are insanely stacked. Is this an 8 man league or something?

I think in PPR, could be a fine trade for you. Juice is an upgrade.

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12 team league, drafted outta the 4 slot. A lotta people went QB early. I waited, swooped up RB value, and got Alex Smith and Derek Carr. I dropped Carr for Tyrod, though.

Still doesn’t make any sense unless QBs went in the 1st round. Don’t understand how you landed both Zeke and Gordon. Rest of your league screwed up royally.

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Cam went #1 overall. :joy::joy::joy::joy:

I plan on crushing this league. Its almost unfair. That’s why I had no problem with offering up Gordon in the deal to get Gurley. I’d easily have the best 1-2 RB punch in the league, even though I probably already do.

Ah I see. I find in these leagues, you don’t win by going after someone’s best player. Even bad players know who the gems are. But you can get a tonne of value going for other starters where they don’t really have a sense for what value is.

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Indeed. Thanks, homie.