Royce Freeman

So… I want to start by saying I am a Huge Ducks fan. Seeing Freeman involved in the Rookie draft is exciting for me. I just don’t want my bias to get in the way. I think he is a great Power back that could be a TD machine with rare Big Back Speed. Where would you pick him up? Is Late 1st or early 2nd be too early? I want him to succeed, but I do not want him to succeed for anyone else. Haha!

Any Thoughts?

Mid 2 is around where I have him pinned at. Maybe that’s just me hoping I get him with my 2.05 though haha. He’s faster than everyone thinks but just isn’t shifty. I like him but hes probably my 7th or 8th Rb on my board.

That is kind of where I thought he would go. I am in the need of him falling back to the late 2nd. Maybe go to a team that he can compete for time, but not be the lead back to start off.

it also depends on which team he gets drafted by.

i Think he has very underrated catching ability. He didn’t catch the ball a ton at Oregon but he definitely had good success and looked natural when he did.

He has one of the best agility scores in the draft, so I’m not so sure about the ‘Not shifty’ part. I think he’s a late first rounder, unless there’s more of a run on WRs than I expect.

He has great change of direction and acceleration so that is where his great agility numbers come in but he isn’t a guy who jukes you out of your shoes or anything like that. He’s quick to find a hole and attack it but then eats up contact. Watch film where he gets out into the open field. He doesn’t try to get away from people. He just lowers his shoulder and eats up the hit. When I think shifty, I think out in the open field or one on one with defenders in a hole and he isn’t that type of back

Ah, I see. I was thinking more about in the hole/behind the line, which I think is more important. Honestly, I want my big back to get down hill once he’s in space.

That’s fair and I’d agree that his quick feet behind the line and hitting the hole is great. I like a back that can do both but that’s obviously rare ha. He’s also deceptively faster than his massive frame suggests. My only fear is that he’s taken an incredible beating throughout college.

That’s my concern too.

I worry a lot about his health. he missed many games over the last couple years that knocked him out of the Heisman race.

According to the link below he is going somewhere between 6-12 overall.