Royce Freeman?

Is Royce Freeman droppable for P. Lindsey, A. Jones, K. Cole or W. Fuller?

0.5 PPR

Tough one there. Those are some good guys. What does your roster look like? Regular Flex league?

Start 2 RB, 2 WR, 1 Flex

RBs: Cooner, D. Freeman (injuried), Lynch, R. Freeman, Bell (Hanging out in Miami)
WR: Cooks, M. Thomas, Hogan, Hilton, Goodwin

10 team?

I think I’d rather hold onto Freeman over Jones. You look fine at WR right now and with the injury you are short handed at RB already so I wouldn’t drop one of them for another WR. I’d think about Hogan or Goodwin moving forward for either Fuller or Cole.

What will Hogan be once Gordon gets going and Edelman comes back?

With Goodwin you have a WR with a lower body injury already.

If I was going to consider then I would consider those.

Fuller has been around a top 15 play every game he has had with Watson and Cole has been good since the last stretch of games last season. Just depends on what you think is better going forward.

I don’t think he is droppable yet. Don’t panic. But I’m not going to lie, after having watched film on 2 games, they go to Lindsay when it matters most / in close games. He looks electric and don’t think his role is diminishing going forward.

Lindsay looks amazing. I just worry about his durability. he is 170 pounds

I definitely worry about Lindsey’s timeshare in the backfield. I do not want to drop Freeman. But currently I need RB help, with my first 2 picks sitting on my bench.

I was very worried too, but the man was a total workhorse in college and put up massive numbers. Honestly, I’m shocked he didn’t even get an invite to the combine. Ran like a sub 4.4.

Also, I don’t think anyone in that backfield will emerge as a work horse so I don’t think he gets destroyed physically. I’m totally fine with the 40/40/20 split they have going and he is incredibly efficient with his touches. He’s like a Kamara light.

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I wish they would just do 50/50 and sit booker

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I think it’ll get to 60/40 split in favor of Freeman eventually. Similar to Freeman/Coleman in Atlanta. But in that split, I’d rather own Lindsay who is the cheaper option and is game script proof and will be used when they are down.

He got 15 carries first week and some of that was between the tackles work. He’s too small for between the tackles at that volume IMO. That’s where I see the injury risk. Look at McCoy this week. All you need is one guy to fall on you.

He jumps off the page and that makes Freeman look worse than he is. Remember week two last year everyone was salivating over having just picked up T. Cohen. How did that work out in the end. It’s not a guarantee, but guy did something no one else had done UDFA going for over 100 scrimmage yards his first two games so I will give him his credit. I want to see him in a road game.

Would it be worth rostering both. Maybe trade bait.

This is totally different than Cohen situation imo. Cohen was used almost exclusively as a scat back and relied heavily on big plays. Lindsay is actually just a very effective runner. And the split between howard and Cohen was never this close. And Jordan is just a WAY better runner than cohen, don’t feel that way with Lindsay.

Sure there’s injury risk but there’s always injury risk with anyone. This is a risk I’m willing to take / bet on.

And i get the whole he’s small argument, and it is rare for a small dude to continually be successful between the tackles but he’s showing he can do it between the tackles, on the edges and in catching. His step cut is actually insanely quick. In the open field, I think he’s a nightmare to try and tackle and expect the team to try and get the ball more to him in space. Cohen, was never effective/productive running in between the tackles. That is the key differentiator to lindsay’s success. Defense won’t know where they are going with the ball when he’s on the field whereas with Cohen, it’s one of 2 options and much easier to defend. I love versatlity and so do coaches. Lindsay will out touch Cohen by a wide margin IMO.

I don’t think Freeman has been bad by any means. I think he’s actually been pretty good which is why I’m fine holding him and liek I said above, I expect him to win out the majority of the work. I just think Lindsay in a 35%-40% role, is still very attractive given he can’t be phased out of the game. If they continue to use this full on RBBC approach between Freeman/Lindsay, as Booker gets phased out, passing down work goes in favor of Lindsay for maybe a reduction in carries to help him last. Lindsay is just the cheaper option to me so I’ll always take the cheaper/less sexy dude when things are as close as they are.

Yeah I don’t disagree with that. I just think he would be safer used if he was used more like Cohen when he touches the ball. Mixing things up has worked for the Broncos so far though and in fairness they have done some nice things to mitigate him running through the middle, like draw plays.

Also hold him vs trade him?

I wouldn’t trade while value is low.