Royce, Hilton, Enunwa or Davis

Need flex help. I really like Royce Freeman (I’m a Denver fan) I think Oakland could be a solid matchup for him. Lindsay provides a little bit of worry to that equation.

Ty hilton is always pretty good to play but just something tells me maybe not.

Then Enunwa is lik my least confident flex. I’m just not sure I like him more than the others on this list.

As for Davis, with Walker out I think he could snag some more play than he usually gives.

What’s your opinions?

if mariota plays i think you need to go with davis, if mariota is out then so is davis for my lineup and in that case i would have it ty, enunwa and royce.

colts will be trailing and that game could turn into a shootout, with luck back ty is fine.

enunwa is the safety blanket for sam so hes safe as hell in ppr and sleeperbot just came with a report that Darnold said he loves throwing to Q.

Royce i like a lot and his matchup but right now the backfield worries me until we know more how it will shake out. possibile positive game script though vs oakland and likely winning late so running out the clock.

Yeah that’s why I like Freeman so much, he’s the back they were using to kill the clock, and he was getting first downs easily for them.

I guess this is a good predicament to be in though xD 4 players all in good situations to put up points haha the struggle man

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