Royce of Howard

Howard has been seeing less touches and NE doesn’t seem like it would be a good game script for him as opposed to Cohen.

Royce has been seeing less touches and Vance is killing his value with Lindsey.

Which should i roll out this week in full ppr?

I have both of these players. I would start Howard, he’s still on the better offense. I refuse to believe that he won’t have a string of nice games this season. He was an RB1 with literally no help last year, no wr’s, best receiver was actually a TE who got a career ending injury, decent o-line, rookie QB. The offense is definitely going in a different direction, but he is still a very talented RB on an offense that is scoring points.

Freeman is driving me crazy, I took him in the 4th round. This is a great matchup for him, but you have to start your studs. Howard is falling out of stud territory, I wouldn’t debate people who say he is already out of stud territory. But he is at home, getting double digit touches each week, in what looks like a reasonably high scoring matchup. If he didn’t fumble last week the conversation would be if Howard got his game back, not if he’s benchable.

Been trying to trade both but haven’t gotten a deal I liked enough. It will take alot for me to give up Howard, I really think he will turn things around. Maybe I’m being too stubborn, but this guy had back to back great seasons. A 175lb scat back can’t keep stealing his points all season. That just doesn’t sound right to me. Good luck this week!

Thanks, i was leaning Howard as well, it’s just gross whats been going on lately. My real concern is game script against New England.