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Royce or Henry


Royce Freeman or Derrick Henry ROS? Royce was dropped yesterday and I currently have Henry on my roster. What would you guys do?


Royce. All day, everyday and it’s not even close.


Royce all the way.

Henry is really bad lol. He’s trent richardson but without the volume.


The thing is Marcus Mariota is getting healthy and the Tennessee Titans have the easiest schedule in the league. I might feel differently if I drafted burning me because after week but he hasn’t so I wouldn’t mind Trading banking on some positive regression.
I like Royce better :joy:


Mariota is never fully healthy. And it’s just abundantly clear, that Henry is the inferior runner to Lewis. The snaps and touches show it. With Henry, you need him to score a 50 yard+ TD or he’s useless.

I will say royce is also TD or bust but at least he’s talented. Henry doesn’t even look like he belongs on a starting line up. There are probably 10 backup running backs in the league right now who would be better than Henry.


We’ll see this weekend… latavius Murray sure as hell disappointed when he went up against the bills hopefully Henry won’t.


Henry will disappoint, if not this week, then the next and the week after that. He’s not even the best running back on his own team. Just bad.