Royce or Ito

Should I start Royce tonight?

I was struggling with this question. I also have Ito. I would start Royce over Ito, for sure! Ito may be a great start but I need to see another great week out of him before I start him. For me, this is Royce Freeman’s last chance tonight. I think he will have a big game. Praying so! :wink:

I’m starting Ito. I just follow volume man. And Falcons at home are just way better than on the road and they’re going to put up a lot of points. Ito will get at least 2-3 red zone carries which he has been super efficient with.

Broncos on the road just aren’t a good team at all and until I see royce actually get carries and volume, in no world do I feel comfortable starting him.

Arizona is a MUCH better running defensive match-up than the Giants will be for Atlanta. Just putting that out there! And Freeman also out-carried Lindsay last week.

I’m curious about the spike in Ito interest with Freeman on IR. Yes, he’s getting the best share of redzone rushes, but haven’t we already seen his yardage capped with Freeman out thus far? Is there another factor that will bump his points up?

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I was also in this boat until I package traded Ito in a an effort to get Breida lol. I was leaning Freeman then and still am now. Breida against the Rams just worries me.

I see it as a good last chance shot for Freeman and the match up is too difficult to pass up. I would want to see one more week of Ito, now knowing D. Freeman is out of the way since Coleman is still the starter.

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