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Royce or Ronald forever?


Royce Freeman or Ronald Jones in dynasty rookie drafts? Who do you like more and why? We’re talking skill here as their situations could improve several times long term!!


Its Freeman for me and it’s not that close. I’m not excited about a small back with 0 pass catching resume. Freeman is an above average athlete for a guy his size and his production profile is through the roof.


I agree…I just want to hear someone on the Jones side…try to see both sides…


Freeman is considerably bigger than Jones and better suited for a workhorse role. However, Jones has an extra gear with his speed Freeman doesn’t have. I’d still take Freeman long term because of the supporting cast in Denver over Tampa Bay.


im a believer in jones so ill take a swing at it.

i said this a while ago, and i still believe it to be true. ronald jones is the reincarnation of jamaal charles. same height, build, speed, and most importantly… no pass catching resume in college. im not saying he will do exactly what jamaal did cause, well averaging 5.4 YPC for a career is insane. but he has the potential. he can run and jump cut, has the extra gear, and can catch the ball even if he didnt do it often. he had some drops but concentration drops can be taught out of someone. i dont think he will be a workhorse, but neither was jamaal. if ROJO gets 15 touches a game, either through the air or ground, ill be confident that he will produce. and maybe even at a really high level. the team he is on isnt that great ill concede that point, but shifty backs like this dont need to be on good teams. ill point again to jamaal. the years he was great for the chiefs, they really were not. granted they were not awful the whole time, but i dont think the bucs will be either. especially if winston pulls his head out of his ass. their biggest issue at O line is their LT, which does suck but they are average to above average over the rest of the Oline. i believe in him more than freeman, who already has almost 1000 touches to his name, and hasnt even played a down in the NFL yet. and, its not like his Oline is monumentally better either.

long story short, there are plenty of reasons to believe in ROJO. and there are reasons to want him long term over freeman.


While it’s true that not having a pass catching resume does not mean you can’t do it, he looked bad in the receiving drills at the combine, and I think you’ll find few backs with as little pass catching experience as Rojo make it a significant part of their games in the pros. Charles was far from prolific as a receiver in college, but was a more accomplished receiver in college than Rojo (more than half again as many receptions).

For perspectice, Guice had the same number of catches in college and he was an afterthought for one year and the back up for another, while Rojo was a major part of the offense as a rookie.


What is their ADP in rookie drafts?


i mean he only had 17 less receptions in college than jamaal. so saying half again makes it sound like a huge number, but its not. and one day doesnt mean he cant actually catch, or that he wasnt nervous about it since he doesnt do it a ton. like i get it, its the combine its supposed to show you what they can do. and thats me making excuses for him, but i wouldnt let that blind me to the fact that they WILL be working on that with him, since backs that are as good as he is in space are game planned to catch the ball, cause that is naturally getting them in space. so i get the argument, but it doesnt bother me. i believe the same thing for guice. neither of them need to have hands like OBJ, they just need to look the catches in and then use their abilities in space. and thats something ROJO will do very well. so to me, if you believe in guice, its really hard to not believe in ROJO when it comes to catching. because even if he was an after thought and all of that, when he was the guy he only had 18 catches. not exactly prolific.


I’m definitely picking nits, to a certain extent, but backs catch less passes in college in general. McCaffrey and Barkley were/are considered prolific receivers in college and caught all of 99 and 102 balls respectively. When that’s the high end, a different of 17 is actually pretty significant.

As for Guice, it’s just less concerning to me for a big back to have questions about his receiving because I feel safer about him holding up to a large rushing workload between the tackles and in him getting the goal line work. If Jones was 10 lbs heavier, I’d just feel a lot better about it.


oh for sure they do, thats why i base that off of a per game basis, which is only about 2 catches a game for guice or ROJO, where CMC and Barkley were looking more at 4 to 5. really it comes down to systems is what gets RBs catches. so a system like LSU and USC not producing high catch total RBs doesnt scare me.

as for your point about guice in his running role, that i completely agree with. its why i dont have ROJO in the same tier as guice. but i was talking about just the catching side of things. but either way i do agree with that. i do think that the 10 pounds is still kind of nit picky, but 10 pounds on a 6 foot frame is sizeable when talking about muscle so i still get it. if ROJO had some kind of injury history i would probably worry about it a bit more, but he is durable from what i have seen.


Definitely nit picking, but when it comes down to it, that’s how we differentiate top end prospects. He just has more little things that worry me about him than most of the other typical first round rookies.


yeah im not complaining about it, sometimes thats exactly what you have to do. find those little clues that tell you how a player will do. it does always humor me to see how 2 people can see the same situation, and come out with very different opinions.


Yep. That’s why fantasy is fun. If we all agreed in everything it would be terrible.