Royce trade

I’m interested in grabbing Royce because I think he is proving his way to more opportunity ROS. Could I offer Yeldon straight up to the owner that needs a RB play this week? His role is bigger right now and he’ll obviously remain the handcuff if Fournette’s issues continue. Could also package Yeldon with a WR like Kenny G/Sanders/Adams if I need to bump it up. Her main WRs will both be on bye week 8. Full PPR

No way am I giving up Yeldon + any of those players. Are you talking about Davante Adams? In what world would you give up davante adams for Royce freeman?

Yeldon for Royce, is fine I guess although in a full PPR, Freeman frankly isn’t worth that much. He’s a TD or bust guy. Has been since week 1. He is talented but talent doesn’t matter when you have a coaching staff that is moronic and refuse to give him the ball. He got out snapped by Booker last week in a game where they were up by 10 points against one of the leagues worst rushing Ds. You can’t ask for better game script than that. His upside is also always capped by Lindsay who actually is involved in passing down work. Freeman has 0 involvement in that.

Kenny G / Sanders / Adams are all worth more than Royce on a standalone basis.

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I appreciate all the informed advice you dole out on here, but maybe come at me with a little less heat. I do this for fun, and while you’re clearly drawing on more overall knowledge, you take some of the fun away when you bitch at me for asking a question. I like Royce because he went to my Alma mater and because I believe his workload will increase. I believe I can afford to trade off Yeldon or in some situations one of those receivers, because I’ve built up a pretty solid squad. Thanks for the response, I appreciate it.

I would offer Hines if he hadn’t just played

Sorry to hurt your feelings buddy. That’s just how I talk normally, I don’t filter on here. What you suggested is just shocking to me personally. Not even sure which part of the above was “bitching”. I laid out the facts for you on what has happened in the NFL and then proceeded to say those players you suggested are worth more than Royce on a standalone basis.

I divide Fantasy Decisions from my real life homerism otherwise I would be rostering Gronk, Edelman, Michel, Brady on all my teams.

If you disagree, feel free to just ignore the advice and make your trade anyways. Doesn’t really impact me at all.

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“In what world” just struck me as unnecessary is all. I do appreciate the advice man.

Got it. That was just to illustrate my personal shock at the thought. Not an insult to you. Sorry about that man.

All good!:v:t2:

I have Royce Freeman, I’ve been trying to trade him but have not been successful. But after Vance Joseph’s comments about him getting more work I’m going to wait and see. I also have Jordan Howard on a bye this week so I’m using him.

Keep in mind his playoff schedule. @SF, vs.CLE, @OAK. If you think you’re a playoff team that would be a great flex play, possibly even more if his role increases. I don’t see Booker getting as many snaps, and Phillip Lindsay is 190lbs, those players never stay healthy.

If your team can be solid without one of those players you listed above you should at least try a deal. Yeldon is playing well right now but Fournette will be back, a hamstring injury can keep you out a few weeks, but not a whole season. Sell high.

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Generally not good if the player you like, requires someone else to get injured in order to be good. That’s just me though.

Contrary to popular belief, SF and Cle both have pretty stellar run D. Both in the top 10. Cleveland’s run D has always been pretty good. And given Freeman gets zero involvement in the pass game, makes him a TD or bust play at his current volume.

I’ve been trying to speak this into existence now for 4 weeks but at some point, may need to come to grips with the reality that the coaching staff are just idiots. What we want and think should happen, may not happen for whatever reason.

Yeldon for Freeman is an easy trade for me though so if that’s on the table, i’d take it for the same reason why i’m not paying up for freeman. He’s a player that requires injury in order to be relevant.

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I would approach the Fournette owner first. You may be able to get something even better or, maybe the Royce owner does not want Yeldon but a player the Fournette owner has…just something to think about.

I have Yeldon but no way I would have him if I did not have Fournette. I made sure to leave enough draft money at the end to hedge my Fournette bet and also make sure nobody could outbid me. I knew he was going to need engine repair at some point.

I should add that trying to get trades done in this league is like pulling teeth without any dental equipment. There has been exactly 1 trade so far, and it was between me and the one guy I know in the group. That’s why it’s difficult to make those long-play trades happen.

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While we’re talking about Yeldon, maybe y’all can help me with this question I submitted last night…


A couple people suggested sitting Alshon, and that’s what pushed me to try Hines.

Same here. Almost impossible to make trades in my league. I try every season. I made a great offer last week for Bell. Nope. They would rather just keep losing with him out of spite. Crazy. Good Luck!

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