Rudolf & Howard for Bell

Hey guys. With all the news surrounding Bell coming back I had been making some moves for him. I went back and forth with the owner and this is where we are at. Its a 10 man PPR league. Other current RB’s


Reed is my TE1. I am sitting at 3-1 so I am mainly focusing on winning down the road. Feel like this could be a league winner.

A tad risky obviously but perhaps worth it assuming Bell truly does come back, start, and start very well. I think J Howard will pick it up immediately so I’m a bit hesitant giving him up, but I understand the inclination. And always the distinct possibility that Reed gets injured at any moment, so hopefully you have TE back up trade or waiver options to fall back on if/when that happens.

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Yeah I agree that its a huge risk. But like the ballers say…you can’t trade scared. I traded for Howard earlier in the season and he has not really returned his value. It looks like to me he is going to have his weeks and some weeks he is going to be a dud. I do not want guys like that. My faith is rising more in Lynch and I have pretty decent WR depth. This is a strong move but I think worth the risk. I just want to keep hearing people’s feedback. Maybe they can lay our scenarios to me that I have missed.

To talk about WR depth this is who I have

M. Williams
D. Jax

About to pick up Corey Davis off waivers because someone dropped him last week.