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Rudolph or Ebron week 1?


Both have been battling injuries during pre-season. (Rudolph-undisclosed leg inj/ Ebron -hamstring). Ebron has been cleared to play, but no word on Kyle yet. My gut says go with Rudolph. What would y’all do??


I would go with Rudolph barring any setbacks. Arizona last year was dominate at guarding TEs and Rudolph plays against the saints whihc should be high scoring which should lead to volume.


Sorry Fiddytasty6, not sure I understand where Arz comes into play here. Kyle Rudolph is with Min. Did I misunderstand where you were going with this?


OK OK. LOL…duh…my bust. Just realized what you were saying. Ebron is playing against Arz. Sorry.


Sorry…been a long day and I’m tired. LOL. Thanks Fiddytasty6. Appreciate your imput. GREAT POINT!!!