RUMOR. If Demaryius Thomas is traded to New England

If Demaryius Thomas is traded to New England, do you see him as a WR2, or other?

It’s very hard to pick up patriots playbook mid season. Especially as someone who isn’t known to be the best route runner. And he isn’t nearly the same athlete anymore that Flash is. If he gets traded to NE, i’d try and sell off that hype.


Good advice!

Makes me want to prioritize Sutton #1 off the WW this week.

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I would def do that. I go him like 2 weeks ago in anticipation of this and also just based on his usage/air yards. Cost me nothing.

Unrelated but also, A Jones finally broke out as I had hoped and predicted. Told you it would just take a bit longer. And with Ty Mont legit throwing the game, wouldn’t shock me if he doesn’t see the field next week. Especially given he totally whiffed on pass pro on 3rd and 6 which gave the rams the ball back to begin with anyway. 2 mistakes costing his team the game. Jones stock rising…

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I ended up picked AJ back up, so glad to see him bust out. Would you pickup Sutton or Moore, assuming DT gets traded?

Oh if DT gets traded, its Sutton for me just based on opportunity. And Sutton gets plenty of red zone looks to make him WR3 viable.

Gotcha. Not sure I’ll ever play either over Boyd or JBrown, but he may be a nice addition for this tough bye week.

I don’t think Boyd and JBrown are match-up proof by any means. I’m sure there are instances where you could find a reason to plug sutton in if DT is gone.

Does Gordon’s value drop at all if DT is traded to the Patriots?

Don’t think so. I mean it’s very hard for someone to just walk into an offense and pick things up 8 weeks into the season. DT would be like 3rd in line for targets if he even gets any.

I’m glad I listened to you and picked him up. I did trade Edelman for him at the time, so I’m really hoping Jones continues to produce to make it worth while, cause I am definitely missing Edelman now with Kupp sidelined for 2 weeks

Yeah super unfortunate Kupp got injured.

Sutton is good but still not ready. He’s going to be a WR1 but raw as hell. He should have been able to break free in training camp but could not. Even with a trade he barely gets a boost. He’s going to dupe a lot of people then come around when it does not matter.

You don’t think he can be a WR3 if DT gets traded? He already leads the team in ADoT, averages close to 5 targets a game. If DT leaves, he vacates about 7 targets a game. I’d say Sutton gets at least 3-4 of those. If he averages 7-8 targets a game, with the ADoT that he gets and the red zone looks he gets, I think Sutton can definitely be a WR3 and I think it’s more than likely he gets there.

No one here is saying he’s going to be a WR1 or a WR2 lol.

Ok, I was only making a point that don’t expect him to turn into gold if the trade goes down. He will get a slight bump. Lacks speed and upper body strength. Still some value there though.

Which part of this suggests I think he’ll turn into fantasy gold lol.

Wasn’t referring to your comment otherwise I would have slapped it in my comment so I did not suggest it.

What I am saying is don’t expect much. Maybe nothing because dude is slow, weak and raw. Good height and hands but strength, speed, vertical are average at best. If he was there he would have beat out the old man in training camp.

Vertical looks fine to me. Speed looks fine given his size. Although he doesn’t have blazing top speed, he actually has really good catch radius and short area quickness.Just needs to develop more routes to go along with that quickness. Don’t get how you expect him to just beat out one of the best WRs to ever play for the broncos in one training camp. Doesn’t really seem reasonable at all. Watched a good amount of tape on him in college and I think he’s actually pretty well suited to fit that X receiver prototype. Just need him to work on his route tree. He has the raw ability. He’s similar to the type of receiver DT was when he first started as hes just an athletic dude who need route development. The fact that he is already playing 70%+ of the snaps and getting decent targets with high air yards is already impressive to me. It’s farther along than I expected him to be at this point. Frankly, I didn’t think he would be relevant for fantasy at all this year, figured they’d let him learn under DT for a year.