Rumor Mill - DJ to Eagles!?!?!?

This is just a Rumor of a trade target, but I don’t honestly know why the Eagles couldn’t throw a 2nd rounder for him at this point knowing he’s a stud. So if this move happens, what does that do for Dj and fantasy ROS. will be become a beast, or will the eagles still do some stupid RBBC that ruins him?

doubt this happens bro, there are other backs the Eagles probably will go get that cost less, they might be satisfied with a committee

probably too expensive too. i think Ajayi is a big enough cap hit himself as it stands, and i don’t think they’ll be able to free that up in a trade which would require finding a team that wants an RB who just tore his ACL and played through it for some significant amount of time already… also an in-conference blockbuster like that would be surprising. i also don’t want to see that happen myself bc I don’t want the Eagles to win another super bowl…haha. i really just want the eagles to do nothing but throw the ball to Ertz every single play, just like they did in their final drive of the game on Sunday. now that i liked!

I’m a die hard Eagles fan watch yourself buddy lmao:rofl:

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lol yall won your title, let someone else be happy…please

hmmm the computer turned my emojis into words that’s backwards right?

lmao true true

I agree i doubt it happens, but they have the cap space now, at least short term.