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Running Back Conundrum


Hey guys. Great community, really enjoying reading all the posts. I’m having a hard time deciding on starting Rbs. It’s a ten team full ppr league, 1 qb, 2 wr, 2 rb, 1 te, 1 flex, d, k. Rb lineup is:

I could slot one of these guys in the flex, but was planning on going with Alshon Jeffery in that role. Any thoughts?


the beauty of this, is that you have options every single week. no one on this list is going to be a blow away must start every week player. so dont pidgin hole yourself into having 2 “main” staring RBs. so play those matchups. hunt mccaffery and crowell will be your main 3. and looking at week 1, im starting mccaffrey VS the 49ers, and crowell VS the steelers. im tempted to put in hunt, but its looking to be a bad first game for the chiefs.


Thanks for the quick reply Buster, and you are absolutely correct that I was obsessing over having two “main guys.” I will take your advice and go by matchup for now.


hey man thats what we are here for. sometimes we get swept up in trying to have the best team, that we forget there are more than 1 way to do that. im guilty of it too. hell just the other day i was trying to trade for melvin gordon with a guy i KNOW is stuborn and loves his “my guys”. but i kept pushing trying to make it work, until i almost offered him a trade that would have just been dumb. all because i was fixated on getting that big RB guy. sometimes its best to just take a breath, step back, and ask if this is what i really need. because lord knows, we all want to be that super player that pulls off the trade of the year, or snag a player in the draft that just kills it.


Haha yes, visions of glory. I’m also in that weird window between the draft and the first game where there isn’t much to do or even read up on, so it’s easy to obsess over minor things. I needed to hear someone say what you said, so thanks again.


haha i feel you on that. we are all amped up and ready to go. and youre welcome man, any time.


That’s a nice batch of RBs for PPR. I would put Powell and Stewart on your bench and start the other three as they will all be decent pass catchers. IMO - I would start Hunt over Jeffrey for week 1.


I have no idea what is going to happen with Alshon this year, I am a bears fan, so I maybe biased but he was on my DND list this year. it really depends on your match up. do you stability or do you need to go BOOM? I would probably start Crow,Hunt. maybe powell in flex?


Thanks for the replies. Hunt vs. Jeffery in the flex should give me something to chew on for a bit.